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DC EV Charging Station

Input over/under voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output over current protection, insulation detection protection, battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, charging pile over-temperature protection, charging gun over-temperature protection, access control protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection, Overcharge protection.

  • DC EV Charging Station

    DC EV Charging Station

  • AC EV Charger

    AC EV Charger

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    Portable EV Charger

480kw dc ev charging station

Enterprise Vision

Become a world-class electric vehicle supplier, bring technology and services to all parts of the world, and provide customers with various solutions.

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Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co., Ltd. provide safe, innovative and smart complete AC charging products for electric vehicles, including all kinds of EV wall boxes, EV plugs, sockets, extension cables, mode 2 EV charging cables, mode 3 EV charging cables, EV charging connectors, and EV charging stations on the market.

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Core Values

Make products with heart, serve customers with sincerity, and create value for customers!

Supporting Your Project All The Time

In order to ensure that customers can use the product at ease. We provide a complete support service. Including maintenance and other after-sales services.

Our sales team and engineers are on call at any time to solve your technical problems!

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Customized Solutions

Our technical engineers will formulate professional solutions based on customers' actual problems.

Progress Tracking

Our sales staff will always follow up the production process of the project and feedback the production situation with customers at any time.

After-Sales Service

Our technical team can quickly respond to customer questions and provide professional technical services.

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2022/04/24 By : hqt

What is the best EV charger home?

In today's article, we will be taking you through What is the best EV home charger? Charging your electric vehicles (EV) at home is simple and convenient, making electric driving more accessible than ever before. When you convert from a 110-volt wall outlet to a 240-volt "Level 2" home charger, you may add 12 to… Continue reading The pros of installing a fast charging station

What is the best EV home charger

2022/04/23 By : hqt

What is an EV charger and how does it work?

Understanding when to charge an electric vehicle (EV) is among the most common challenges for EV owners. It's logical: The ordinary American has spent their whole life in a gas-powered vehicle, filling it up at one of the hundreds or even thousands of gas pumps when the gauge approaches empty. Charging an electric vehicle requires… Continue reading The pros of installing a fast charging station

what is an EV charger?

2022/04/18 By : hqt

What is a DC fast charger? - Know Everything about it

What are DC Fast Chargers, exactly? Primarily, DC stands to mean Direct Current. Now, we’ve previously done a comprehensive film about DC so check it out if you want to have more insight. We're discussing DC power charging station today, but we're taking the opposite approach. We'll take a more practical approach and discuss the… Continue reading The pros of installing a fast charging station

what is a dc fast charger

2022/04/23 By : hqt

How to install DC fast charger at home?

When it comes to charging your electric car, the fastest and most efficient approach is best. Gone are the days when getting half a charged battery might take 14+ hours. In today's world, you can have a drivable automobile in minutes. DC Fast Charging is one of the most convenient ways to charge your automobile.… Continue reading The pros of installing a fast charging station

How to install DC fast charger at home?

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